Directional Antenna Systems

AM Directional Antenna Systems - 10 kw Phasing UnitDirectional antenna systems are widely used in the medium wave (AM) frequency band for the dual purposes of increasing signal strength in desired directions, and reducing interference to other stations in undesired directions. Typically, these systems include from 2 to 12 towers, antenna coupling units at each tower, transmission lines, central power dividing and branching sections, and control and monitoring equipment.

The heart of the directional system, the power division, matching and phasing equipment (often just called "phasing equipment") is custom built by LBA, utilizing LBA manufactured inductors and other quality components. LBA phasing systems offer you precise coverage patterns requiring a minimum of adjustment and yielding maximum stability.

All LBA directional antenna systems are computer designed to assure maximum accuracy and most efficient circuitry. Wide network range for easy tune up is a design objective. Highest quality components by LBA and other leading manufacturers are used exclusively. These components are chosen for conservative ratings to maximize reliability. All circuitry is provided with a generous number of jack and plug test points, and toroidal meters and phase samplers are standard.

High powered antenna systems are constructed with particular concern to avoiding arcing and overheating. Connecting tubing of generous diameter is employed, with corona rings and ball gaps where needed for electrical gradient relief and component protection. Adequate coil spacings are maintained to reduce wall currents and minimize adjustment interaction. Insulators are specifically selected for dissipation factor and dielectric strength appropriate to the circuit sector. Particular attention is given to internal and external grounding and personnel protection.

Phasing Unit ControllerYou will find that LBA directional antenna systems provide the utmost in operational and maintenance convenience. Necessary operating controls are front panel mounted and equipped with digital counters, and all variable RF components are equipped with cyclometers.

Front panel access to all components is a design objective, which also minimizes floor space requirements for cabinets. Control systems feature full interlocks for safety, and to prevent inadvertent power application during switching sequences. Cabinet lighting and work outlets are available.

Outside phasing equipments are typically constructed in non-corrosive aluminum weatherproof metal cabinets or as a panel and shelf type for wall mounting in a tuning house.  Inside equipment cabinetry built to your specifications is available, and can become an integral planning factor in the coordination of design and styling to reflect over-all system compatibility and appearance. Phasing equipment construction is carried out by a group of design and production experts with years of experience.

LBA manufactures directional phasing equipment for one or multiple frequencies, wide power range and for any number of towers.  Our systems include 250 watt to 250 kilowatt tuning units; diplexer and triplexers, rejection filters and a wide range of radio frequency networks.  Each is custom tailored for the particular directional antenna application, to assure the broadcaster's complete satisfaction.

Directional phasing equipment is normally designed to parameters provided by the broadcaster's engineer, and work is not initiated until the customer approves the design.  To furnish custom designed systems suited for specific broadcasting needs, LBA can provide detailed specifications for your equipment, so you may determine exactly what you are buying.  In addition, our computers can precisely determine the full range of adjustment - before it is delivered.  This minimizes the possibility of having to replace inadequate components, or to make costly design field modifications to relieve difficult adjustment problems.

The careful design and construction practices maintained by LBA give you more than reasonable assurance of the best possible long term stability and efficiency for the full lifecycle of the system.  This avoids expensive readjustments and reproof of pattern as the system ages.

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