Tunipole™ and Combipole™ Antenna Systems

Tunipole folded unipole systemLBA Tunipole™ Folded Unipole Antenna Systems deliver higher efficiency and bandwidth than series fed towers while providing lightning protection. Tunipoles™ are ideal for both directional and non-directional antenna systems. It provides extra bandwidth and efficiency; improves impedance match to reduce tuning unit loss and complexity; has identical radiation pattern to series fed; reduces tower height and ground system requirements; and allows mounting of FM, TV or communications antennas without isocouplers or stubs. No base insulator  or lightning transformers are needed. Direct tower ground diverts lightning strikes to protect RF equipment. Combipoles™ permit up to 3 AM frequencies on one tower.

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Q-CAGE™ SUPERCHARGERS Improving Bandwidth of Existing Antenna Towers

Q-Cage supercharger to improve the bandwidth of existing antenna towersThe LBA Technology Q-Cage™ is a cost effective way to increase power handling capacity and improve impedance characteristics of series-fed vertical radiators. Through use of Q-Cage™ systems, the bandwidth of existing short antenna towers can be improved without tower replacement. This permits the use of shorter towers for IBOC and DRM digital transmission. Applied to high power medium wave antenna towers, the Q-Cage™ reduces voltage stresses on insulators and antenna tuning units. The LBA Q-Cage™ system may be installed on any structurally suitable guyed, series-fed tower. It features the same low wind load, heavy duty construction found in the popular LBA TuniPole™ folded unipole systems, proven in use by thousands of MW/AM stations worldwide. The installed cost of the Q-Cage™ is far less than that of an equivalent cross-section tower. 

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POWERTOPPER™ Radial Top Loading Systems

PowerTopper System – Radial Top Loading SystemsThe PowerTopper™ Series of toploading systems has been designed to add electrical length to electrically short towers for additional bandwidth, better efficiency, and better sound. A variety of models of different lengths, corresponding to different effective heights, are available. All PowerTopper™ systems are physically compatible with the various Tunipole™ folded unipole antenna system models. The TLS-619 is a typical system of toploading radials designed for mounting on the upper support beams of the UP610 Tunipole™. It consists of six 19 foot radials of high electrical conductivity high strength aluminum and is completely self-supporting. The TLS-619HP is similar, but incorporates high voltage corona protection rings at the end of each radial element for high power use.


BASEMAX™ BASE Enhancement Systems

Basemax base enhancement system The Basemax™ base enhancement system has been developed to aid in properly terminating the bottom of the tower into the ground system for highest efficiency and stability. Like the PowerTopper™, these systems consist of self-supporting heavy duty aluminum radials which are physically compatible with the base support beams of the various Tunipole™ antenna models. The Basemax™ assists in distributing the RF currents about the base of the tower in a more uniform and efficient manner. This distribution of RF currents assists greatly in optimizing the efficiency of an electrically short antenna. In addition, the RF current distribution feature of the Basemax™ prevents the growth of weeds or grasses near the antenna from affecting its impedance, and also greatly reduces the effects of rain, snow, or tidal variations from affecting the base impedance. A variety of models are available typical of which are the BES-619 with six 19 foot radials, and the BES-319 with three 19 foot radials.


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