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LBA Technology's Combipole and Diplexer in Use at Radio UniversalBy Julio Cesar Martinez
Engineer and Technical Director
Radio Universal

Radio World
December 22, 1999

UAGUASCALIENTES, AGS., MEXICO utilizing the LBA Technology Combipole antenna and diplexer system we solved an unfortunate coverage problem with our RF signal at XELZ.

Two of our stations, XELZ on 740 kHz, and XECAA on 950 kHz, were sharing a conventional series fed tower and a diplexer. The approximate distance to downtown was five miles.

Within the city, the 740 kHz signal experienced fading and narrowing of the RF band. As a result, our engineering department was besieged with complaints telling us that the station did not have "presence," in some areas of the city "you could not hear it," and the station was "dull or deaf."

Of course, both stations have audio processing equipment and the audio quality at the console output was no different from the other stations of our group. The link was operating correctly. When taking power measurements at the antenna, they were basically correct.

First, the diplexer was modified but to no avail. The changes were done using the same components. After two additional attempts to change the diplexer configuration we decided to purchase an LBA Combipole Antenna through a local LBA representative. However, we did not directly consult LBA Technology when making this decision.

The audio and the bandwidth improved after the installation of the Combipole. Nevertheless, there were still some problems with the presence of the signal in some areas of the city.

We contacted LBA Technology by email to ask them about the situation that we were experiencing and the staff was courteous and responded promptly. We sent them our diplexer configuration and told them about the problem. LBA replied suggesting a new configuration of the design and change of the diplexer.

We accepted their proposal and purchased the new LBA Technology diplexer. The diplexer came pre-adjusted from the factory and fine-tuning it on site was not a difficult task.

The cabinets have all the necessary elements to physically install them at the base of the tower.

Now, despite the distance, XELZ has good presence and the audio quality has also improved. XECAA, which did not have problems, also experienced improvements in its signal.

Finally, the problem was solved with the installation of the LBA Combipole and new diplexer. LBA Technology's service and support to us were excellent and, in hindsight, we are sorry not to have contacted them earlier, because we could have expedited the process of providing high-quality service to our listeners.

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