AM Colocation: Cellular, PCS & Wireless Antennas on AM Towers Worldwide

LBA ColoPole™ Colocation Installation

CoLoPole™ Colocation Installation


All The Technical Support and Services You Need To Put Wireless Antennas on Thousands of Existing AM Towers

Find the gold in AM tower steel! It’s a win – win for both AM station owners and wireless carriers.

Are you missing site opportunities? Site planners often reject the notion of placing a communications base station near an AM radio station. Towers close to AMs have been considered a problem because of perceived difficulties resulting from tower reradiation effects on the AM station's signal pattern. Installing wireless antennas and lines directly on "hot" AM transmission towers has been unacceptable. Not anymore! LBA's AM CoLoSite® makes for successful AM/wireless colocation.

Turn AM "hot" towers into wireless colocation towers! LBA's proprietary CoLoPole® and CoLoCoil®  technology is at the heart of this unique service. This state-of-the-art technology is rugged, stable and provides maximum accessibility for wireless antennas.

Now AM colocation is practical - and LBA is the expert with over 30 years' experience in successful AM tower sharing. With over 10,000 AM towers in the US, a major resource in the site acquisition/zoning battle can be available to you. Directional or non-directional, virtually all AM towers become colocation candidates with LBA's technology solutions - the CoLoPole™ and CoLoCoil® systems

The benefits of AM colocation in a wireless network system buildout are many:

LBA ColoCoil® Colocation Installation

CoLoCoil® Colocation Installation

No hassle AM colocation 
has been developed by LBA. Based on proprietary hardware and procedures, LBA’s colocation systems overcomes traditional obstacles to AM colocation and permits virtually unlimited wireless users on most AM towers. The LBA system has been proven by dozens of stations and carriers nationwide.

AM co-location is scalable and stable. Once the CoLoSite® system is installed, additional users or antennas may be added with minimal additional cost. The hardware components are permanently integrated into the AM system, and designed for "utility-grade" life. CoLoSite® recognizes the fundamental differences between non-directional and directional AM stations, and makes colocation practical in both cases.

LBA - The AM Experts!  LBA has 35 years' experience solving tower reradiation problems for carriers through knowledgeable and innovative technical procedures, including use of its proprietary Detunipole™ detuning skirt kits. In fact, we have been uniquely successful in designing strategies to place wireless towers on AM tower sites.

LBA can turnkey the entire AM colocation process - acquisition negotiation to hardware design/fabrication, testing, and FCC documentation. Under one responsibility, the process is rapid and trouble free for station owners and wireless carriers alike.

Free AM Colocation tool - To find out which am stations are near your search rings, LBA has developed a convenient tool. Access it here. 



Virtually all major tower companies, wireless carriers, and many broadcasters have relied on LBA for on time, in budget performance of thousands of AM colocation installations and services.

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